Tech review for a construction, building maintenance and services organisation


“CHANGE lead’s founder David provided the conduit between IT and Management to facilitate the transformation of technology that was needed by the company in order for it to become more efficient and less reliant on various manual processes. Whilst it is still a work in progress, I would highly recommend CHANGE lead for your business.” Board member and COO

The customer opportunity 

Our client identified that they required a review of their legacy technology. The organisation was progressive with the use of some cloud-based technologies (email and office) but was operating with a customised legacy ERP solution, necessitating manual labour-intensive processes creating a key person risk. CHANGE lead ® was engaged to review technology, define business expectations and elicit requirements. Upon working with our client, it was identified that we could assist the technology team with their relationships with board members, executives and vendors.


We conducted twenty-plus in-person and video conference interviews across the white- and blue-collar workforce. We partnered deeply with the technology team to review their strategy, services and initiatives producing a comprehensive report. The review was beyond the legacy ERP with fresh insights into how the technology team could assess business demand and align solutions. These insights contributed to the creation of several documents that were presented to the executive (CEO, CFO, COO) at the company’s first Information Technology Steering Committee (ITSC).


The ITSC approved the roadmap and initiatives. The technology team matured practices and improved relationships with a broad range of executives. Including the commencement of regular updates articulating the progress and forecasted completion of initiatives. A key vendor was engaged to demonstrate how they could resolve the legacy situation and automate manual practises. CHANGE lead ® facilitated several conversations between this vendor and our client, ultimately arriving at terms that were acceptable to both parties. Several members of the technology team were formally coached improving their thinking, effectiveness and executive communication skills.


Our client’s technology team’s engagement with the executive and prioritisation of business demands improved dramatically. The organisation has now implemented a quarterly ITSC program. The delivery of key initiatives has improved organisational and employee effectiveness, a list of unmanaged applications is now being actively managed and rationalised. The organisation now has an up to date IT strategy, roadmap and technical architecture that is understood.

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