Priorities and operational effectiveness for a finance department


“David has an authentic approach which enables him to provide honest feedback without creating division within the group. His two-way communication style allows all members of the team to have input into the overall direction of the initiatives thereby promoting ownership of the tasks that are ahead. I would highly recommend CHANGE lead for your business.” Group Manager Finance

The customer opportunity

The CFO and recently appointed Group Financial Manager identified the opportunity for the finance department to be more service orientated, collegial and agree on a set of priorities. Their team is disbursed across a range of locations and sometimes were inconsistent in their approach creating inefficiencies. On occasions, these inconsistencies frustrated the broader business and they sometimes duplicated finance activities, resulting in variances in data requiring rework.


Our engagement began with in-depth conversations of exploration with the CFO and Group Finance Manager regarding their expectations of the finance department. We defined what they thought was working well, what were their areas of optimism and fundamentality what needed to change.

We collaboratively structured a two agenda. Day one being an intimate session with the leaders of the department, these leaders participated in very honest conversations with one another and co-created the day two agenda. Day two was with the finance department, a lighter, fun but focussed day.


The team established what they wanted to keep, what was to change and how they could stop limited value legacy practices. Participants acknowledged that the traits they selected in the afternoon would be the foundation of how they would now operate. The department was now a team with a list of priorities for the year ahead. Everyone bought into the direction.


The first month-end close post the workshop was the most efficient ever. Leaders within the department are now openly offering one another constructive feedback, adjusting their performance as they continue to evolve and lead by example. There is a greater consciousness amongst the finance team members as they proactively support the business through taking on more responsibilities.

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