Partners are 100% independent with no solution or vendor bias.

Advanced Analytics with Digital Frontier Partners

We are delighted to announce a strategic partnership between Frontier Partners (DFP) and CHANGE lead ®. DFP were founded in 2013 have grown through helping medium and large organisations improve their business and customer value creation.

The partnership is offering a no cost ninety-minute discovery workshop to determine how advance analytics can help your business. The convergence of algorithmic advances, data proliferation, and tremendous increases in computing power and storage is now allowing for new levels of productivity and value generation only realised in previous industrial revolutions.

Many current analysis practices within organisations are focused on past and historical data, advanced analytics shifts the focus to the future and probable outcomes. The potential benefits are vast and areas of focus include.

Consumer product management

  • Deeper customer and product matching through large scale data analysis and machine learning
  • Predictive analytics on customer and product modelling.

Predictive analysis

  • Deep trend analysis and predictive modelling based on forward projections
  • Data, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence enable more informed decision making.

Improved business controls

  • Ability to understand the performance of core value chains and workflows and identify value inhibitors
  • Greater depth of reporting based on deeper and greater quality data sources.

Employee productivity and engagement

  • Insights on human to system performance and the causal effects of performance variations under different scenarios and conditions.

Increased levels of intelligent automation

  • Identify opportunities to apply latest generation technologies to intelligently orchestrate business processes
  • Capitalise on efficiencies and improved performance across a wider value chain view.

Clients are expected to realise value of revenue expansion and cost optimisation achieved by the autonomous or semi-autonomous examination of data using sophisticated techniques and tools. DFP and CHANGE lead ® are proud to be 100% independent with no vendor or solution bias, ensuring our clients leverage the best capabilities to their situation.