Practical (adjective): ‘Of or concerned with the use of something rather than with theory and ideas’; ‘likely to succeed or in real circumstances; feasible’.


Interim executive during times of intensity

Experienced C-level executives who are diplomats and innovators available for ‘short -term’ or ‘part-time’ engagements.

As a pragmatist, we help organisations that require an experienced hand by:

  • Acting as an interim CIO due to a vacancy
  • Rebuilding relationships that are misfiring either internally or externally; we are highly effective working within global delivery models and across cultures
  • Qualifying and initiating sensible initiatives while ensuring those ideas for tomorrow are captured for further assessment.

Digital practicalities

When was the last time you were asked about your business or clients being disrupted? That next industry that is going to be taken online and assets devalued or underutilised? Value erosion? How are you responding? Paralysed and confused? Frantic and uncertain of what the intended outcome is of all this activity?

We help you:

  • See the bigger picture by stepping back to work on your business rather than in it
  • Linking activities to outcomes with balanced inputs from people with a valid perspective while considering emerging changing value chains
  • Lifecycle options for products and services
  • Distil the hype to what is relevant, practical and sensible for your business.

Technology strategy

The breadth of current technologies and their potential is vast and possibly confusing?

Board and Executive expectations continue to increase, so we apply simple structured and practical analogies to articulate:

  • The technological foundations and the options to build on these
  • The flexibility to consider future alternatives as they emerge in the market
  • Milestone mapping, short and mid-term, with scenarios for the longer term.

We have no bias towards any technology; however, we do have a bias towards your business and your people realising their potential.


Program execution

An external experienced perspective partnering as an internal peer.

Many organisations have multiple initiatives underway at any time; as a contributor and connector, we partner with executive and delivery teams to:

  • Ensure the appropriate connectivity for input across a series of initiatives
  • Share practical guidance to optimise delivery
  • Implement planning and track benefits.

A partner with global delivery nous who is exceptionally aware of cultural nuances.


A coach and mentor

Our founder, David, qualified as a co-active coach in 2002 and has been a Male Champion of Change (MCC) from 2011 (MCC is an institute taking action on gender inequality).

Additionally, David was accredited in the UK with the Human Synergistic’s tool-set (Organisational Cultural and Effectiveness Inventories; Team and Individual tools) and the Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile in 2003. He is currently not practising either, but he practically applies the learning obtained therein.

He has a genuine passion for people and a knack for working with people from diverse backgrounds. His skill and experiences greatly assist executives seeking:

  • Greater business relevance and evolving thinking from ‘the back to the front office’
  • Clarity of thought, investing their time in what truly matters and unleashing their people’s potential
  • Improvement in Executive/Board and peer relationships.

Those who have worked with David have developed leadership scale, understanding of others and influence.


Workshop or keynote

Simplify the complex with an engaging, insightful and useful experience. Practical principles for sensible action planning:

  • Helping organisations caught between their current practices and future possibilities
  • Participants gain practical insights into situations that arise within organisations and how they can make more informed choices
  • Organisations will have a common non-technical language to assess and plan for action.

Our founder, David, has delivered insightful and informal workshops and keynotes internationally to thousands of professionals and students.