Construction and Engineering Group’s use of technology


“CHANGE lead’s work with both the IT and Finance teams really helped these teams refocus on the priorities for the coming year and how the team will work together to deliver these. David was able to create an environment when working with the staff where they felt able to speak openly and honestly whether it be in a one on one discussion or a team-building workshop. This allowed David to extract maximum value from the discussions from staff and document a clear strategy with tangible actions & initiatives for the Finance and IT Teams. I would highly recommend CHANGE lead for your business.” Scott Morris CFO, Georgiou

The customer opportunity  

Our client identified the opportunity to improve their use of technology. The executive and leaders of the organisation acknowledged the dedicated effort of the IT team however, on occasions thought solutions lacked relevance and services were in personable. CHANGE lead ® was engaged to conduct a review of the organisation’s current capabilities, practices and identify initial priorities with a roadmap. The review scope included technology, people capability, vendor arrangements and innovation activities.


We performed a series of in-person and video conference interviews. We also conducted workshops across the organisation and with key vendors. These activities included people across many locations and areas within the organisation, ensuring we understood the views of a broad section of the executive, corporate and project-based staff. The approach ensured we understood the priorities which varied across the organisation and working with the IT team they gained a deeper understanding.

The internal review findings were referenced alongside trends relevant to the sector, ultimately offering an opportunity for the broader business. The analysis offered fresh insights into how the needs of the organisation could be met without an increase in costs. Early in the engagement, we identified the opportunity to mentor several executives and coach the technology leadership team to realise the priorities identified.


Our report included a review of the active and scheduled projects with capacity modelling of available resources, an overview of current operations and exploration of different scenarios to uplift performance and service. The report also reviewed and forecasted the budget, previous strategy and the components for a future strategy.

The technology team and key business representatives attended a full-day workshop to co-develop the future technology strategy proposed, confirm the priorities and agree on how the team would embody the organisation’s values. Attendees choose to deprioritise activities that were no longer relevant or of limited value. The IT team presented the outcomes to the CEO and CFO at the final session of the workshop day where they endorsed. The strategy and roadmap were presented the executive group and board where they were ratified.

A key vendor relationship was reset, creating a win a win scenario and an uplift in performance.


The client’s technology team progress was acknowledged by the executive and other areas of the organisation. The team completed sixteen prioritised initiatives within three months of the review. Importantly the team uplifted the services to the employees resulting in a reduced volume and swifter closure of issues. The acting Head of IT was appointed formally into the role. The client requested CHANGE lead ® to complete a similar engagement for the finance department.

“CHANGE lead helped our IT department work through some service delivery challenges by bringing the team and the business together. David has facilitated several offsite sessions with the IT team and key technology partners, where his communication style encouraged everyone to open up and provide really constructive feedback. This provided us with the opportunity to align the technology strategy with the company’s objectives! I’d highly recommend CHANGE lead for your business.” Sharjeel Siddiqui Head of IT, Georgiou

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